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Here you’ll find Social Media Graphics & Samples, a customizable Press Release, and materials you can print to promote your screening.

Social Media Graphics & Samples

Angst Social Media A (JPG)

“Raising Awareness Around Anxiety”

Angst Social Media B (JPG)

“5 days until the Screening”

Angst Social Media C (JPG)

“3 days until the screening”

Angst Social Media D (JPG)

“Day before the screening”

Sample Tweets:

Reserve your tickets for ANGST, a new documentary about anxiety. We want to start a conversation! #AngstMovie @IndieFlix ___________(include your personal link here)

Candid interviews w/ real teens about anxiety, tools that help and hope. ANGST movie screening, details here: _________________ @IndieFlix

Join us for a free screening of ANGST, a film about anxiety, truth & hope. Really. Let’s talk. #AngstMovie @IndieFlix ___________ (include your personal link here)

Anxiety affect us all! A free screening of ANGST a film tools to talk about it to lessen our angst. #AngstMovie ________link

We see a lot of anxiety in our schools. By sharing this film, ANGST, we hope to lessen our angst. Join us: ________ (your link) #AngstMovie @IndieFlix

Do you suffer from anxiety? Does your child? Partner? Learn how to cope & find hope. ANGST screening on XXX, XX/XX: ____________ @IndieFlix

Real talk and real people dealing with real anxiety. As it turns out, talking is the best thing for anxiety. Come learn more: ________________ @IndieFlix

Customizable Press Release

Open in Google Docs

Open in Google Docs
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Open in Google Docs

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Angst Logos & Banners

Hi-Res Logo w/ Transparent Background

Hi-Res Logo w/ Transparent Background

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3000×1775 – PNG – 223kb

Screening Tip Sheet (Hand-Outs)

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Double Sided Version
(To be printed on front and back, then fold)

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One Side Version
(To be printed on one page, front side only)

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Download PDF

Versión de doble cara
(Para ser impreso en la parte delantera y trasera, luego doblar)


Printable Posters and Banners

Angst Poster  (11×17 – PDF)

Angst Poster Letter  (8×11 – PDF)


Angst Poster Banner  (27×40 – PDF)

Angst Banner Retractable  (33.5×79 – PDF)

Posters para imprimir en español

Angst Poster español
(11×17 – PDF)

Angst Poster Letter español
(8×11 – PDF)

Presentation Slide

For adding to a Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, Apple Keynote or other presentation software for your event.

Background for Presentations / Slide

Download File 1080p - PNG

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