Host a Screening

We make it easy and affordable to host a screening.

We believe film is the most powerful medium on the planet. By sharing stories we connect.

The film is reflecting what we see. Anxiety is the precursor to so many mental health challenges. By opening a dialogue and normalizing (not trivializing) anxiety we can help each other and ourselves. In the process we may positively affect homelessness, addiction, suicide and a host of other issues.

Spread the word. Believe change is possible. These screenings bring kids, parents, and educators together to talk about this universal issue, share personal stories, and provide resources and tools.  There is power in solidarity. The more you share, the more we connect. Share this film in your community because watching it alone on your couch does not create the same effect as watching it with others.

A community screening will include:

  • 1 screening of the film, schools may screen an additional time during the day for their students if needed
  • Moderator guide and Q&A guidelines
  • The VR Experience
  • Conference call with the filmmakers prior to screening
  • Free updated resources and tools
  • Ticketing/RSVP platform and marketing support to spread the word

Audience Guidelines:
Families, educators, students, employees and members of any community will benefit from this film (appropriate for age 11 years+. Under age 11 viewer discretion advised).

Marketing Support For Your Screening