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Let’s be honest, we all know the drill. Our New Year’s resolutions are lucky to last through the first few months of the new year. Here are few alternative resolutions to start off your year right, especially if you struggle with a mental illness.

  1. Try setting New Year’s self-care goals. Keep your mental health in mind when setting your resolutions. Your self-care should be a priority.
  2. Set smaller, more attainable goals. A step-by-step goal guide can be more satisfactory than one, unattainable resolution.
  3. Put yourself first. Your mental and physical health is most important.
  4. Start small. Once those small goals are met, you can set even more!
  5. Spread them out. Check in with your goals throughout the year to set new ones or readjust.
  6. Do nothing! You don’t have to make resolutions, especially if you set goals just fine throughout the year.
  7. Accept where you are. Don’t compare your goals and resolutions with others. If you don’t meet them, don’t blame yourself. We’re all human.
  8. Celebrate who you are. Your goals should reflect and respect who you are.

Goals by The Mighty. Read the article here.

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