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Many people share common symptoms and feelings when they experience anxiety. Sometimes there are other ways that anxiety can crop up in our lives that we might not even realize is a result of our anxiety.

Here are a few examples people shared:

“I cannot express myself right. I can’t find the words, they don’t come out in the right order and I cannot process what people are telling me. I can’t look at them, hear them speak and have no idea what they just said or did not understand them at all.”
— Laura P.

“I start shaking, start to get very angry and frustrated, start to get very quiet, the simplest decision turns extremely complicated or I may even start to shut down and ‘zone out.’ Can’t think of the words that I want to say (stutter).”
— Matt S.

“I cancel plans… even if it means missing out on something I used to love … Just thinking of planning something can be so physically exhausting. I don’t think people know that I am so drained from just worrying about what could happen, I would rather stay home.”
— Kayla L.

To read additional, less apparent symptoms, see the rest of the article here.

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