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One out of every two kids in this country will be affected by trauma.

This fact above was published in The Atlantic in 2014. It is still very relevant at a time when school shootings are commonplace. Students face fear and trauma every day just by going to school. Many of these students who experience trauma in their lives, whether it be a school shooting or any other type of life-altering event, can develop post-traumatic stress disorder. PTSD takes a specific type of diagnosis and treatment.

“For young people, it can be hard to put words to what they’re feeling or connect the dots, and conversations initiated by teachers or parents usually make kids want to talk about it less and curl up into themselves more …  Receiving the right diagnosis, treatment and seeking alternatives when we feel we’re being misdiagnosed or mis-medicated is imperative.”

To read about symptoms (both short-term and long-term) of PTSD, see the article for more. If a friend, family member, or child is experiencing symptoms of PTSD, encourage them to talk to a specialist.

For more resources including help finding a therapist go to and hit “Find Therapists.”

Read the article here.

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“Seeking help and receiving that help truly not only saved my life, but it afforded me the opportunity to do what I love doing today.” – Josh Gad

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