How heavy Instagram and Facebook use may be affecting kids negatively

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This week’s featured article comes from Child Mind Institute and discusses how an increase in phone and social media usage among teens and young adults could lead to social isolation and depression.

Experts believe that an increase in depressive tendencies among teens in the past few years is correlated to an increase in the possession of smart phones.

Jerry Bubrick, PhD, clinical psychologist at Child Mind Institute (and featured in Angst) talks about one way that social media usage could be causing feelings of isolation.

“FOMO [Fear of Missing Out] is really the fear of not being connected to our social world, and that need to feel connected sometimes trumps whatever’s going on in the actual situation we’re in. The more we use social media, the less we think about being present in the moment.”

To read a few helpful tips about managing social media usage including focusing on balance and being mindful of how it is being used, check out the rest of the article.

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