The numbers are increasing and what can be done to help

Photo as seen in The Anxiety-Free Child

A reported 62% of undergraduates felt “overwhelming anxiety” in 2015 (up from 50% in 2011). Those numbers are only increasing in 2018.

One cause of this increase in anxiety felt by teens is a higher amount of pressure that they are putting on themselves, especially the pressure to succeed.

One thing the article encourages is showing the teens in your life extra support.

“Letting your anxious teen know someone is always available to listen is also extremely important, whether it’s you, a professional therapist, or both. Anxious teens need to know that’s it’s OK to feel the way they do, and people are there to help them get through any type of hardship that may arise.”

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“This was an excellent way to educate us about the brain, our feelings, and reactions to anxiety, what challenges it can cause in individuals and family life, as well as some helpful solutions!” – Kim Muench, Jai certified Parent Guide

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