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Sometimes growing up we don’t realize that some of our behaviors and actions are a result of our anxiety. Anything from fidgeting, shyness, and headaches could be brought on by anxiousness. Here a few examples from The Mighty readers who realized just how controlling anxiety can be in their lives.

Zoning Out:
“I would ‘zone out’ as my mom called it. Basically, I would just sit and stare at something until everything around me disappeared. I didn’t think about anything, I just let it all disappear. It calmed me.“
— Desiree N.

Not Being Able to Sleep:
“Walking around the house in the middle of the night because I couldn’t sleep and being easily guilted into anything — both of which I still do. I never realized that wasn’t ‘normal’ until I really thought about it.”
— Bonny K

Read a few other examples from the article here.

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"It was like having blinders removed from our eyes – it was so obvious, and yet neither of us could pin it down. Now we know, and we can get her help, and start the healing and learning process.” – A Mother on Angst

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