An article on mental health from a teacher’s perspective

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David Tow, a teacher in Marin County, shares tips for educators to use when helping students manage their mental health, especially anxiety and depression, which is a huge burden on high schoolers.

A quote from the article:

Based on my observations, the lives of the high school students I teach are hemmed in everywhere by social pressures and expectations: high-stakes testing, the looming shadow of college admissions, the fiercely competitive school system, the painful process of figuring out who you are, and the ubiquitous desire for peer acceptance. Add to this the unseen pressures—fractured or fragmented home lives, emotional or physical violence and abuse, struggles with substance use, legal problems, and the wide range of issues borne by the many immigrant communities across the country—and it makes for a period of unsustainable emotional distress. In recent weeks the constant pressure has meant dealing with student depression almost daily, and helping support those who I feel might be toeing the line of self-harm.

To read some of the helpful tips, see the full article here.

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